Compliance is a Marathon.....not a Sprint


Over the years we have confirmed from experience that compliance is truly a marathon and not a sprint.  Our experienced Compliance Professionals will guide your internal team to not only achieve initial compliance but create a design that will provide a long term strategy for success with automated efficiency. Many executives are rightly frustrated about paying immense and growing compliance costs without seeing clear benefits. And yet they continue to invest—not because they think it’s necessarily productive but because they fear exposing their organizations to greater liability should they fail to spend enough. Employees, too, often resent compliance programs, seeing them as a series of box-checking routines and mindless training exercises. In our view, all this expense and frustration is tragic—and avoidable.


All compliance standards do not apply to all companies, but many companies will feel the pain and expense as they attempt to work toward a compliant state. We can support your team with proven techniques to get your enterprise going in the right direction. We augment your compliance efforts with tools and techniques to efficiently manage your corporate compliance risk.  Together, we can reduce the complexity and overall “cost of compliance” while helping mature the internal business processes with solutions built on industry standards and best practices. Successful compliance programs foster a team culture is a valued trait. This leads to a transformation in organizations and positively impacts bottom lines.


Compliance as a Service

We provide more than just traditional IT governance, risk, and compliance. Our security and risk professionals use the standardized Compu-Netics methodology to align compliance programs with business priorities, communicate the value of those programs to senior executives, and manage risks associated with security and compliance. 


How does Compu-Netics help

Sharing the compliance burden Compu-Netics dedicated compliance specialists help ease the burden of assessment processes by managing your assessment projects for you. We automate our policy development and management to help clients maintain efficiency around compliance.


Evolving regulatory requirements and standards Compu-Netics regularly updates and maintains current control-level references to most current and emerging standards. 


High-level and actionable risk-based insight Compu-Netics customizes a variety of dashboards and views for different business rules to enable clients to quickly receive and understand the information they require to make informed business decisions.


Understand your compliance maturity level Compu-Netics can help you understand your compliance maturity level, get visibility into risks associated with your critical assets, and help you protect those assets with the appropriate controls.

Classify assets despite changing business environments Compu-Netics can help you get a holistic view of your environment, delivering the valuable information and insight needed to classify assets and drive compliance initiatives for those that are most critical to your business strategy.


Typical Challenges

  • Multiple regulations or industry standards add complexity
  • Maintaining an efficient compliance program with limited resources to meet current compliance requirements
  • Complying in a repeatable way, presenting compliance status to senior management, the board, and external auditors / regulators


Key Features

An extensive regulatory standards library is included with our assessment platform that covers current and emerging standards


  • Access to control-level standards that are used as the backbone for building survey, assessment, and mapping projects within the Compu-Netics compliance services.
  • Regular updates to the regulatory standards as they change and grow over time, reducing your complexity of keeping up to speed as standards evolve.


Assess once and then report on multiple security and regulatory standards

  • Industry-specific solutions are available for manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, energy, oil and gas, retail merchants, and others.
  • Multi-regulation mappings allow the re-use of gathered evidence. Assess for ISO 27001 Certification, and use the gathered results and evidence to determine alignment with HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, NIST, CJIS, etc.
  • Custom framework support and custom security standards allow you to support your organization’s unique requirements.


Move away from using spreadsheets to manage your internal audits and compliance initiatives

  • Move your compliance data to a centralized platform tuned for reporting on multiple assessment projects in tandem.
  • Ease the burden of annual audits and assessments with the use of an integrated and full-service platform tuned to deliver actionable insights into risk potential within your organization across multiple business units.
  • Full integration of your vulnerability assessment tools and ticketing platforms with Compu-Netics solution
  • Track asset vulnerabilities from discovery through remediation with trend-based “period-of-time” reporting and point-in-time views of remediation stages.


Benefits We Deliver

Tackle multiple requirements and policies at once — Compu-Netics Managed Compliance offering enables your organization to tackle the burden of achieving compliance across multiple regulatory requirements, as well as ensure that your business units are adhering to your own internal corporate governance priorities.


Less time assessing, more time addressing gaps — We streamline the assessment process through custom-built automation workflows to reduce time and effort to assess, giving your employees the ability to focus on their core responsibilities. 

Seamless integration with existing departments — For organizations that have designated risk and compliance departments, we integrate seamlessly with their teams to make them more efficient and allow them to effectively guide the business strategy through risk management principles.


Compu-Netics helps companies build a robust and efficient compliance process so that their regulatory requirements. We take a holistic approach to architecting and delivering a compliance program designed to simplify enterprise diverse environments and accomplish specific customer goals.


Find out how Compu-Netics can help you comply with industry regulations and more by contacting us for additional information.











In 2018, Thomson Reuters carried out its annual survey on the cost of compliance and the challenges financial services firms expect to face. The survey is in its tenth year and generated a record rate of responses from almost 900 compliance professionals worldwide, including from the majority of the global systemically important financial institutions (G-SIFIs). 




Cloud Service Providers

Cloud services can present significant benefits in terms of cost savings, scalability, flexibility. It is imperative that your data and your customer's data is properly protected and meet compliance relevant regulations. Today IT management is tasked with securing company sensitive data. The vendor/service provider you choose should meet these regulatory requirements. We provide consulting and assessment services to support your cloud compliance requirements.  If you missed this relevant webinar on this subject you can view it via the on-demand link:  Compliance-as-a-Crisis: Managing Cloud Compliance





Payment Card Industry - Digital Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

PCI-DSS is a set of security standards designed for companies or merchants that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information. The standard or regulation is imposed by the credit card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). The PCI-DSS certification provides assurance that a company has put in place the controls required by the standard and passed a rigorous assessment of each requirement for securing credit card information.  


Many IT professionals are often faced with a daunting challenge of creating a secure cardholder data environment that can be a proven complaint against multiple tests and full PCI assessment. We provide clients with initial gap assessments and consulting services in support of your PCI compliance efforts. And don’t forget, a QSA can be a very valuable ally. Not only do we know the regulations, but we also can help you understand the best ways to achieve compliance – we call it “the spirit” of the PCI controls.


A recent HOSTING.com webinar provided insights on a timely topic "Safeguarding PCI Data in the Cloud". The guidance provided to organizations on how to proactively address PCI compliance in the cloud, protect intellectual property and comply with data privacy and system integrity regulations. If you missed the webinar you can view it now via the on-demand link: Safeguarding PCI Data in the Cloud





Compliance mandates such as HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] and HITECH, [Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act] require all patient data to be digitized and meet specific security and privacy standards, However, as more patient data is captured and data volumes grow, increased complexity will require more sophisticated data management approaches.

HIPAA has also placed an increased emphasis on the management of vendors, which directly affects healthcare enterprise compliance obligations. Therefore, it's necessary for IT departments to perform due diligence and make sure they work with HIPAA-compliant cloud service vendors.


As required by section 13402(e)(4) of the HITECH Act, the Secretary must post a list of breaches of unsecured protected health information affecting 500 or more individuals. The Breach Portal - Notice to the Secretary of HHS Provides details on Breach of Unsecured Protected Health Information is a great location to review and learn about others in your industry.  


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